UAE, MENA Trade Growth Forecast Above World Average


UAE trade growth is expected to outpace the global average over the next 15 years, according to a recently released HSBC report. In that period, trade is expected to increase by more than 124% versus a world average of 86%. The forecast data shows that UAE companies expect to increase trade activity by 5.52 per cent annually over the next 15 years, with overall trade growth expected to grow by 124.03% tto 2026. Average world trade is expected to grow by 86% in the next 15 years. Growth in the MENA region overall is expected to be even more rapid, 131%, with Qatar’s growth in trade expected to top 150%.  Egypt is expected to be the fastest growing exporter in the region, more than 167%, barring any further, major political instability. Across the region, oil and gas will be the sectors responsible for much of the growth.

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