UAE Luxury Car Sales Soar

Rolls Royce at the Dubai International Motor Show

If the Dubai International Motor Show is a bellwether of the UAE’s economy, things are on an upward trajectory, according to The New York Times. A combination of a gradual recovery from the global recession of 2008 and the Emirates’ emergence as a safe haven for capital in the wake of the Arab Spring, have restored the confidence of luxury car dealers in the UAE. Porsche set a global record in Dubai with 211 sales in August, a figure 46 percent above last year’s number. Total sales of luxury cars in the UAE are expected to jump 32 percent this year, and that’s after a 16 percent increase last year. That’s nothing compared to Rolls Royce which expects to see a sales increase of 78 percent in the UAE this year. If you’re in the market, the newly introduced Rolls Royce Riviera includes the manufacturer’s trademark “flying lady” on the hood, encrusted with with 2,300 diamonds. How much is it? As the saying goes, “If you have to ask….”

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