UAE Announces Investment Map to Jump Start Foreign Investment

The UAE is launching the UAE Investment Map as part of a national long term initiative that will set the strategic direction for investments in the country until 2018. UAE Minister of Economy Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori said that the initiative will launch in November, 2011 as part of a commitment to enhancing the overall competitiveness of the national economy. A key component of the project is to build awareness of investment opportunities in the UAE. The first stage of the program will focus on 11 countries in South America, Europe and Asia, and is also part of the UAE Vision ‬ 2021 to drive the development of a knowledge-based economy.

The areas that fall within the investment map include: aluminum industry, automotive, aviation, information technology, telecommunications, financial services, electronics, engineering and industrial technology, healthcare, petrochemical industry, education and knowledge industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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