New Competition Law In The UAE

In an effort to create a more business-friendly environment in the UAE, the government has drawn up a new “competition” law to be enacted in the near future. Complying with the new law poses some challenges for businesses despite its aim to protect businesses and consumers from anti-competitive behavior, stimulate effective competition, and deliver open, […]

Strategies To Safeguard Intellectual Property Rights In New Markets

In today’s competitive global marketplace, products and technologies are being developed at an extraordinary rate, resulting in numerous challenges to intellectual property (IP) protection in new markets. As a result, protection of IP assets has never been more important to businesses. It is therefore important to develop effective strategies to protect IP rights, not only […]

Taking A Closer Look – Agency Agreements In The UAE

Foreign principals who wish to conduct business in the UAE or in the wider Middle East, but want to do so with a minimal investment, often turn to commercial agents to sell their goods. The main piece of legislation that governs agency arrangements in the UAE is Federal Law No. 18 of 1981, what is […]

UAE Preps Oil Options to Straits of Hormuz

The UAE is preparing alternatives for oil deliveries if Iran should block the Straits of Hormuz. The UAE now says that it can bypass the Straits entirely by using ports in the Gulf of Oman. The bypass plans have taken on added significance as Iran now threatens to blockade the Straits due to the ongoing […]

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