The Rising Trend Of Public Private Partnerships In The Middle East

 Governments in the Middle East are in the process of rapidly developing their physical and social infrastructures to provide necessary services to their citizens. In this regard, a public private partnership (PPP) can be a viable option to construct or develop a wide range of these infrastructure projects, including highways, power plants, bridges, pipelines, ports, […]

Islamic and Emerging Markets Expected to be Trade Leaders

Islamic and emerging markets are the places to be in coming years, according to Romy Buchari, a senior executive with HSBC’s Islamic banking section. HSBC’s recent forecast indicates that the UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia will emerge as major players as global trade volumes jump 73% to $40 trillion in the next 15 years. Muslim countries […]

Islamic Finance Gaining Ground

Posted on Oct 17, 2011 in Emirates-Middle East, Middle East Outlook

The Islamic finance industry is growing in strength and stature around the world. The limiting factor is the shortage of professionals with an expertise in the field, according to an article in the Khaleej Times. “The Islamic finance industry has a long way ahead and it needs to address the concepts such as financial planning and […]

Will Islamic Finance Continue to Grow Globally?

by Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner at Diaz Reus’ Dubai office. Imagine a hypothetical situation where you have recently been appointed the CFO of a multinational company and you are expected to be able to raise capital for your company. You are faced with a variety of financing options and are overwhelmed by […]

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