Investment opportunities accelerate in Dubai with the enactment of a P3 law

Investment opportunities accelerate in Dubai with the enactment of a P3 law

Public private partnership in Dubai is on the move. With big plans for major construction projects, such as exhibit halls in advance of the Dubai Expo 2020, as well as traditional infrastructure projects that support economic development, generally, the Dubai Public Private Partnership Law enacted on 19 November 2015 is a welcome piece of legislation […]

Diaz Reus Successful in Fighting Back Jurisdictional Application in Indian Bank Lawsuit in the DIFC

DIFC Court Claims Jurisdiction in Indian Bank Lawsuit For Immediate Release. DUBAI, Nov. 3, 2014 – In a judgment issued on October 30, 2014 by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Court of First Instance, the court confirmed its jurisdiction over a lawsuit by an expatriate investor, resident in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, against the […]

Company Merger Regime In The UAE | Real Estate Mergers Expected To Increase in 2012

The real estate sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) expects to see a number of significant mergers and business consolidations this year. Why? The UAE real estate market is still struggling to recover after real estate prices slumped in 2008 and it is expected that mergers between real estate developers would be needed to […]

Infrastructure Tender Process In The UAE

By Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner is the Dubai office of DiazReus LLP Although many residential projects across the UAE are ‘on hold’, the UAE government is continuing to commit money to infrastructure and other public projects. Of all the infrastructure projects planned or under way in the UAE, perhaps the most ambitious […]

Guidelines For Medical Devices In The UAE Healthcare Industry

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Emirates-Middle East, UAE Law and Business

by Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is Partner-in-Charge of the Dubai office of Diaz Reus & Targ LLP  Healthcare is among the priority sectors identified by the UAE government and as a result, the UAE healthcare industry has displayed extraordinary growth and significant progress in the past few years. In line with the UAE government’s focus […]

Real Estate Transactions In the UAE – 7 Points To Remember

By Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner in Dubai office of  Diaz Reus LLP The United Arab Emirates experienced rapid real estate growth and a resultant boom, which peaked in the middle of 2008. However following the global financial crisis of 2008, property prices fell dramatically and the number of disputes increased. Property prices […]

Data Protection Rules In The Dubai International Financial Centre

By Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner in the Dubai offices of Diaz Reus LLP Businesses in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and in particular, banking and financial organizations are increasingly processing and exchanging individual data electronically. Many businesses, understandably, consider data protection irrelevant to their operations and are not aware of its […]

Confidentiality And Non-Competition Clauses In UAE Employment Contracts

By Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner in the Dubai office of Diaz Reus LLP Increasingly, employees in the UAE are required to sign contracts containing confidentiality and non-competition clauses by employers who seek to prevent disclosure of confidential company information or trade secrets. This is especially true in the technical, oil and engineering […]

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