Explosive Games Growth in MENA, Emerging Markets

Social games are exploding across emerging markets, a phenomenon that mirrors the rapid expansion of social media sites in the Middle East and Latin America. Today Peak Games announced that it had raised an additional $(US)11.5 million funding round to further solidify its position as a gaming powerhouse in emerging markets. A core element of Peak’s strategy is to create and distribute localized and culturally specific games in emerging markets. The MENA region is one of the fastest growing areas for Facebook and social networking, with the number of users growing by 30 percent over the last six months to 35 million users and forecasted to reach 250 million users by 2015. Latin America is currently at 130 million Facebook users with the entire region growing at 37 percent over the last six months.  Brazil alone has 26 million Facebook users,  representing a growth rate of 98 percent  in the last six months, and in Mexico Facebook has 29 million users representing 21 percent growth over the last six months.

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