Dubai’s Airport in Line to Become World’s 2nd Busiest

Dubai International Airport will become the world's second busiest this winter.

Dubai International Airport is experiencing a record year, so much so,  that it is now on track to become the world’s second busiest airport, just behind London’s Heathrow. Dubai, now home to the world’s fourth largest airport, is expected to jump over Paris and Hong Kong this winter if trends continue as expected. The  growth is due in some measure to the expansion of Emirates Airline, and if it continues Dubai could overtake Heathrow for the top position in 2015. Dubai’s airport is currently in the midst of an expansion while many of the world’s other largest largest airports, including Heathrow, are operating at or near capacity. The growth has come despite economic problems in the region and the downturn in business and tourist travel in the Middle East caused by the Arab Spring. Nevertheless year on year travel to the Dubai airport is up 7.3%, with more than 4.3 million travelers making the trip.

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