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February 2012
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Expansion of DIFC Courts’ Jurisdiction Spurs a Rush to Tweak Contracts
Arti Sangar
By Arti Sangar, Partner, Diaz ReusIn a significant move, the Dubai government has recently expanded the jurisdiction of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts. The major result of this move is that it will allow any parties, even those not incorporated within the DIFC free zone, to use the DIFC Courts to resolve commercial disputes. The burning question? Why choose the DIFC court system?This article discusses the reasons why companies will be prompted to choose the DIFC courts to deal with their disputes and most importantly, how should companies ensure that their disputes are heard before the DIFC courts.Continue Reading
Arab Spring Boosts Investment in the UAE
Article 2If you are doing business in the Middle East, you have probably already experienced the destabilizing impact of the ongoing civil unrest, known as the “Arab Spring.” However, there is a silver lining to every cloud, it is often said. In the midst of the turmoil, it is expected that the UAE will benefit from increased inward investment and this young nation is once again poised to reap the fruits of stability in a region fraught with turmoil. This article discusses the reasons why investors are looking at the UAE for a safer haven.

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Protect Your Trademark in the UAE Emirates Business Law Blog Free Report: Africa’s Oil and Gas Landscape — Changing Fast
Most company executives often focus on setting up businesses in new jurisdictions and improving the quality of their goods or services. However, they often overlook the critical need to protect their valuable trademarks in the enthusiasm of increasing profitability of the company. A trade mark is one of the most valuable assets that you can own and it is therefore highly recommended to register your trademark. This article discusses the UAE trademark protection laws as well as infringement problems and how to deal with them effectively in the UAE.
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What are the hottest issues and investment areas in the Middle East region today? How are business opportunities changing the global landscape?EmiratesBusinessLaw.com blog is closely watching, reporting and keeping readers up to date on the business and legal developments between the UAE and global emerging markets.
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Commercial battling is taking place between Western companies and Asian players. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola have become sites of intense oil and gas exploration. With more companies entering the continent each year, investment commitments and numbers of projects executed are rising.
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