Doha’s Olympic Dreams Get a Boost

The withdrawal of Rome’s bid to host the 2012 Olympics games has given a boost to Doha’s campaign to host the games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has placed a priority of gaining iron clad economic guarantees from potential hosts, even before the formal bidding process has begun, and that’s the reason for Rome’s withdrawal. Because of the Euro crisis, Madrid is now the only potential Euro host left in the mix, and that claim is not looking good at present.

The front runners include Istanbul and Tokyo, with Azerbaijan and Qatar given a more outside chance. Qatar was turned down in its early bid to host the 2016 because of the need to move the games to September/October, but that obstacle has been overcome in the present round, with the new calendar dates approved. With an emphasis placed on financial liquidity and infrastructure, Doha’s plans, already underway, to the host the 2022 World Cup, give Qatar an advantage.


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