Central Bank of UAE Website Hacked

The Central Bank of the UAE was hit by hackers on Thursday.

The Central Bank of the United Emirates was shut down on Thursday, apparently by Israeli hackers operating under the name “IDF Team.” The site of Arab Bank was also taken down, and it appears that the motivation was to embarrass the banks during the visit of European Central Bank head Mario Draghi to the UAE. The attack, which was apparently in retaliation for attacks by Arab hackers against Israeli sites, and the Israeli hackers warned of possible attacks against other targets in the future. On Tuesday, the Israeli hackers claimed to have attacked the websites of the Saudi and Abu Dhabi stock exchanges. However, exchange officials have denied the attacks. IT experts say that the attacks were done in a basic programming not usually associated with sophisticated viruses. This has led officials to conclude that the attacks are “hacktivism” and not coordinated by professional operatives.

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