US places export restrictions on China’s ZTE Corp: Lessons to learn

US places export restrictions on China’s ZTE Corp: Lessons to learn

By: Xingjian Zhao and Arti Sangar  Earlier this month the United States government imposed some of its toughest trade restrictions yet on ZTE Corp, China’s second-largest smartphone and telecom equipment maker. These sanctions, authorities say, stem from evidence that ZTE violated U.S. controls on exporting American technology to Iran and other countries. According to a U.S. […]

UAE, U.S. Sign Intergovernmental Agreement On FATCA

UAE, U.S. Sign Intergovernmental Agreement On FATCA

United States taxpayers using foreign accounts in the United Arab Emirates may see more rigorous enforcement of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, in the UAE, as obligations for UAE financial institutions have been ramped up under a new intergovernmental FATCA Agreement between the U.S. and the UAE, signed on June 17, 2015, […]

Avoiding Investment Scams

Every year, people lose millions of dollars to scams of every size and kind. Investment scams are particularly dangerous because they come in many forms, from an unexpected phone call to a message through an online professional network, and the creativity of a scammer has no boundaries. Scammers will typically operate from overseas or offer […]

Strategies To Safeguard Intellectual Property Rights In New Markets

In today’s competitive global marketplace, products and technologies are being developed at an extraordinary rate, resulting in numerous challenges to intellectual property (IP) protection in new markets. As a result, protection of IP assets has never been more important to businesses. It is therefore important to develop effective strategies to protect IP rights, not only […]

Abu Dhabi Takes Sole Ownership of US Chip Maker

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Investment (ATIC), a high-tech investment fund owned by Mubadala, has taken over full ownership of Silicon Valley computer chip maker Globalfoundries. Related articles Abu Dhabi takes full control of AMD former chipmaking unit ( AMD Sheds Its Stake in GlobalFoundries ( Advanced Micro Devices gives full control of former manufacturing unit […]

US Targets Dubai Bank Over Iran Dealings

UAE. Dubai has benefited from tougher sanctions pushing more business its way. It has a sizeable Iranian expatriate population and hosts a fleet of traditional wooden dhows (boats) which transport goods across Gulf waters to Iranian ports every day. Source: Bi-ME Related articles Bank in Dubai Says It Cut Ties With Iranian Institutions ( Dubai […]

UAE Responds to Iran Banking Report

In response to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal that the U.S. Treasury officials had disrupted  a Dubai-based financing channel for Iran late last year, a UAE government official responded that the Noor Islamic Bank of Dubai was the only institution in the Emirates that had been targeted for dealings with Iran. The WSJ […]


In a case with international financial implications, Casa Casuarina LLC, owner of a landmark Miami Beach resort property once owned by designer Gianni Versace and known as the Versace mansion, is suing its mortgage holder German bank WestLB on multiple counts of alleged fraud. Hit by high levels of insolvency and with losses of more […]

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