Entrepreneurs to Benefit from UAE Bankruptcy Reforms

A draft of a new UAE bankruptcy law has been delivered to the UAE’s Ministry of Justice. The law has been in the works for two years, and its genesis may have been the dire economic straits traversed by some of the Emirate’s largest financial institutions in the course of the world economic crisis of […]

Dubai Expands the Jurisdiction of Its Financial Courts

By Arti Sangar Arti Sangar is a partner at the Dubai offices of Diaz Reus LLP, an international law firm with extensive experience in litigation and arbitration In a significant move, the Dubai government recently expanded the jurisdiction of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts (the “DIFC Courts”) which will allow any parties, even those […]

Continued Growth Seen (and Predicted) in Trade

Business in the UAE is picking up, according to recent reports. Foreign, non-oil trade increased 22% in the first half of 2011, as compared with the same period last year. Figures released by the Federal Customs Authority the UAE’s non-oil foreign trade increased by AED 80.7 billion to AED 445 billion. According to the figures, […]

Hiring Lawyers Overseas

This article by Carlos Gonzalez is a Partner with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP in its Miami, Florida office and Arti Sangar, a Senior Associate located in the firm’s Dubai office, UAE, appeared recently in Middle East Banker Magazine. Hiring an attorney is an important decision. Often, that decision is based on a combination of […]

UAE Seeks Major Investments in Alternative Energy Sector

The UAE is seeking $100 billion (Dh367 billion) of investments in alternative and sustainable energy projects by 2020. Eco-projects including bio-fuel production and alternative energy are already underway, according to Feras Dahlan, CEO of Dar Al Tawasol, a national company, and First Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Investment Map Conference (IMC).  The […]

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