New Competition Law In The UAE

In an effort to create a more business-friendly environment in the UAE, the government has drawn up a new “competition” law to be enacted in the near future. Complying with the new law poses some challenges for businesses despite its aim to protect businesses and consumers from anti-competitive behavior, stimulate effective competition, and deliver open, […]

Taking A Closer Look – Agency Agreements In The UAE

Foreign principals who wish to conduct business in the UAE or in the wider Middle East, but want to do so with a minimal investment, often turn to commercial agents to sell their goods. The main piece of legislation that governs agency arrangements in the UAE is Federal Law No. 18 of 1981, what is […]

The Rising Trend Of Public Private Partnerships In The Middle East

 Governments in the Middle East are in the process of rapidly developing their physical and social infrastructures to provide necessary services to their citizens. In this regard, a public private partnership (PPP) can be a viable option to construct or develop a wide range of these infrastructure projects, including highways, power plants, bridges, pipelines, ports, […]

DIFC Special Purpose Companies Grow in Popularity

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) recently hosted its first Knowledge Series event for 2012, highlighting the benefits of a Special Purpose Company (SPC) and its role in enabling structured finance transactions. An SPC can be easily structured and incorporated in the DIFC, while enjoying certain exemptions from a number of tedious requirements.  One of the […]

The UAE’s new bankruptcy law | A Move To Ease Business Fears

The UAE is in the process of implementing a new bankruptcy law. The new bankruptcy law is intended to create a more modern, debtor-friendly regime, with particular emphasis on the rescue of a distressed debtor’s existing business or the restructuring of the debtor’s liabilities, rather than formal liquidation or bankruptcy. The new law will be […]

National Bank of Abu Dhabi Said to Sell $750 Million Bonds

National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC, the United Arab Emirates’ second-biggest bank, will raise $750 million from a sale of dollar bonds, according to three people familiar with the plan. La Repubblica Related articles Dubai credit risk drops on 5-year high growth outlook ( UAE attracts $1.8billion FDI in 2011 (

Dispute Resolution In the UAE | Litigation Is Not The Only Way

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Emirates-Middle East, UAE Law and Business

When companies enter into a business transaction – be it trading of goods or leasing of a commercial property – everything seems to be in control, as it should be. However, unfortunately, sometimes it does not take long for the good business relations to turn sour, the reasons of which can be many – cash […]

UAE Employment Termination Entitlements | Former Nakheel CEO Awarded $3m By DIFC Court

Former Nakheel CEO, Chris O’Donnell, was recently awarded $3.25 million, including $3 million in two unpaid annual bonuses and 54 days of paid leave, amounting to almost AED 850,000. Nakheel was also told to pay for the former CEO’s business class flights back to Australia — at a cost of AED 67,000. Read more about […]

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