Africa Rising: First It Was China, Now the Gulf Discovers the African Market

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in Africa, Emirates-Africa

A decade ago, many African economies seemed locked in stagnation. Now they are booming, and Gulf investors are moving in to take advantage of the growth. Christian Science Monitor

Arab Spring Could Slow Chinese Investment

Political and economic disruptions across the Middle East and North Africa will have an impact on China’s investment in the region, according to Arti Sangar, the head of DiazReus’ Dubai office. “There has been significant disruption across North Africa, and this inevitably has an adverse impact on China’s interests in the continent,“ said Sangar in […]

African Energy Industry Takes Off

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 in Africa

In an interview with Pipeline Magazine, Diaz Reus Managing Partner Michael Diaz, Jr., talks about Africa’s booming energy industry. The landscape is changing quickly in Africa with the entry of smaller players (aka “minnows”) into the market and the rapid emergence of China as a major player on the continent. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola […]

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